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Emberi javítókészlet? – Őssejtek a kutatásban és a gyógyításban


Emberi javítókészlet? – Őssejtek a kutatásban és a gyógyításban

The possibilities that stem cells offer for the renewal and restoration of tissues and organs, and new horizons for curing illnesses, all provide ample nourishment for the imagination of doctors and lay people alike. Is it also possible to use haemopoietic stem cells to produce from other tissues and to use these in the treatment of veins, bones or cardiac arrests? When can embryonic stem cells finally be used in medicine? How can we find the correct but narrow path on the boundary between charlatanism and genuine science? 

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Medical sciences, Cell biology, Cytology, Cytogenetics

tudósok előadásai

Dr. Prof. Balázs Sarkadi (lecturer)
Balázs Lévai (lecturer)


8 March, 2011

Marianna Nagy

12 August, 2013

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