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A fény a biológiában


A fény a biológiában

Pál Ormos, professor of biophysics and member of HAS, shows the important role light plays in every aspect of life. It supplies the energy needed for life, it is the most important medium of sensing, and it even regulates our life. The interaction of light and living systems involves complicated biological and physical processes. The interaction of light and life is complex and involves the conversion of light energy, the sensing of light, and the light emission of living systems. This lecture introduces the characteristic processes of these areas, as well as light's specific and general features .

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Biological sciences, Biology, Bioenergetics, Molecular biology, Molecular biophysics

tudósok előadásai

Dr. Pál Ormos (lecturer)


24 March, 2003

Marianna Nagy

7 May, 2014


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