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A magyar tudós- zsenik


A magyar tudós- zsenik

The lecture traces the legend of the Hungarian scientific genius: the 20th century natural scientists who achieved real major success and recognition, mainly abroad, and who are collectively known in the history of science as the 'Hungarian phenomenon'. What are the common characteristics that marked the members of the group? A theoretical disposition, outstanding mathematical skill, practical-engineering interest, attraction to new scientific fields, competitiveness, many-sidedness, problem-solving abilities, a bent for philosophy, and a commitment to and participation in anti-totalitarian politics. The factors that contributed to the success of the theoretically and practically-minded Hungarian scientists were an increase in the importance of physics requiring abstract mathematical knowledge and closer links between modern science and practice. Finally, migration played a decisive role. Anyone who was ready or was forced to step out onto the international stage, faced challenges that he could not find here at home. Migration brought the talent into contact with the necessary financial, human and institutional conditions. 

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

History of science, Natural sciences

tudósok előadásai

Dr. Gábor Palló (lecturer)


15 September, 2003

Marianna Nagy

7 May, 2014

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