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Fehérjék - a szerkezettől a funkcióig, a fizikától a biológiáig


Fehérjék - a szerkezettől a funkcióig, a fizikától a biológiáig

When we admire the wonders of the living world, we rarely think about proteins. However, behind the movement of our muscles, the division of our cells, our thoughts, behind the complex phenomena of life in general, we can discover the concerted action of macromolecules - first of all proteins. The amount of our knowledge about the structure and function of proteins is immense, but far not complete. Proteins and dead matter are composed of similar atoms and are stabilized by the same physical forces. The lecture gives us an insight into the physical background of the sophisticated spatial structure of protein molecules, and into the delicately tuned and regulated function of enzymes. The principles and mechanisms of folding , assembly and self organization of proteins and their complexes are discussed. Finally the lecture touches upon the fact that profound understanding of proteins also requires the application of the concept of quantum mechanics. 

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érdekes tudomány, Mindentudás Egyeteme

Cell biology, Cytology, Human biology, Physical chemistry, Physics

tudósok előadásai

Prof. Emer Péter Závodszky (lecturer)


28 April, 2005

Marianna Nagy

23 June, 2014


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