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Beszélgetés a lelki egészségről


Beszélgetés a lelki egészségről

The issue of mental health has long been in the centre of attention worldwide. Weekly papers publish articles about the functioning of the spirit, while in the background, serious scientific research is done in various fields parallelly. Neurobiological, psychological and spiritual approaches all can be studied on the subject. In what respect and to what  extent do the attitudes of biology, sociology and psychology differ? Can the three fields of science combine for a common objective?

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Medical sciences


Balázs Lévai (presenter)
Dr. Mária Kopp (participant)
Dr. Zoltán Rihmer (participant)
Dr. Judit Mészáros (participant)
Zsolt Bugarszki (participant)
Gábor Gombos (participant)


23 January, 2011

Marianna Nagy

6 August, 2013

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