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Végtelen ég alatt


Végtelen ég alatt

What causes natural disasters? The extent of economic damage caused by the weather is growing permanently. What can we learn from the circles left in dripstones and trees? Is humanity prepared enough to change the presently functioning system of the atmosphere?

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Environmental science, Meteorology, Climate change


Balázs Lévai (presenter)
Klára Spilák (narrator)
László Bozó ()
László Haszpra (actor/actress)
Dr. András Gelencsér (actor/actress)
Zsófia Kertész (actor/actress)
Imre Salma (actor/actress)
János Bozó (lecturer)
Szabolcs Harangi (actor/actress)
István Geresdi (lecturer)
Viktor Wesztergom (actor/actress)
Attila Demény (actor/actress)
Zoltán Somogyi (actor/actress)
András Horányi (actor/actress)


28 June, 2011

Marianna Nagy

8 August, 2013

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