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Emberi javítókészlet? – Őssejtkutatás, őssejtterápia


Emberi javítókészlet? – Őssejtkutatás, őssejtterápia

It is often quite hard to be reasonable enough about one's own health. The questions are complex, the answers are hardly understandable, and to make a decision is almost impossible. Is it worth embarking on a stem-cell therapy, or not? Actually, what is a stem-cell? How would you start a stem-cell therapy?

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Medical sciences, Cell biology, Cytology, Cytogenetics, Gene therapy, Cytochemistry


Balázs Lévai (presenter)
Béla Stubnya (performer)
Klára Spilák (narrator)
PhD. Emília Madarász (actor/actress)
Dr. Prof. Balázs Sarkadi (actor/actress)
Dr. Éva Rajnavölgyi (actor/actress)
Dr. Tamás Masszi (actor/actress)
Dr. Prof. Lajos Kemény (lecturer)
Dr. Kálmán Nagy (actor/actress)
Ferenc Uher (actor/actress)
Róbert Nagy (performer)
Dr. Gábor Földes (actor/actress)
Tamás Orbán (actor/actress)
László Horváth (narrator)


8 March, 2011

Marianna Nagy

8 August, 2013

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