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A társadalom, amelyben élünk


A társadalom, amelyben élünk

Zsuzsa Ferge, professor of sociology, focused for decades on the formation of social structure and on the major inequalities in Hungary. She analysed the relationships and the struggles between the owners of the various forms of capital. During state socialism the power overshadowed the role of other capitals, and stifled all other structuring forces. With the transition to capitalism private ownership has become a major structuring factor, and the role of central power somewhat subsided. Inequalities have escalated, and poverty has grown dramatically. The European social model, a "civilized" version of market economy may offer an alternative after the transition. 

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Social sciences, Sociology

tudósok előadásai

Zsuzsa Ferge (lecturer)


9 December, 2002

Marianna Nagy

7 May, 2014

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