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Mire jó a kvantumfizika?


Mire jó a kvantumfizika?

György Mihály, professor of physics and member of HAS, shows how the results of quantum physics research are integrated into every day life, including household appliances. After elaborating on such basic and revolutionary discoveries as the wave--particle duality of light, Mihály offered examples of new technology based on these principles. The Scanning Tunnelling Microscope makes it possible to view and manipulate metals atom by atom. The most accurate medical diagnostic equipment, such as PET and MRI, also employ the results of quantum physics. Super-speed railways, credit cards, video cameras and cell phones were also developed from the results of quantum physics.

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Natural sciences, Physics, Quantum mechanics, Quantum technology

tudósok előadásai

Dr. György Mihály (lecturer)


21 May, 2003

Marianna Nagy

7 May, 2014


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