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Kulcs a molekulaszerkezethez: mágneses magrezonancia- spektroszkópia


Kulcs a molekulaszerkezethez: mágneses magrezonancia- spektroszkópia

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a widespread and exceedingly versatile large-instrument research technology that is developing at an incredible speed. NMR spectroscopy provides information on the three-dimensional structures of molecules, making it the most important tool in stereochemistry research. Thanks to the use of large computers since the 70s, among other factors, huge volumes of data have been stored. It is the sensitive analysis of this data that brought about the beginning of the multi-nuclear, multidimensional NMR era.

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Natural sciences, Chemistry

Dr. Pál Sohár (lecturer)


14 May, 2007

Marianna Nagy

14 May, 2014

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