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A fény fizikája


A fény fizikája

Electromagnetic radiation segments, falling into various wavelength realms, inform a significant portion of our knowledge about the world. Visible light is only a rather narrow segment of the broad spectrum available, yet its significance to us is extraordinary, since it is this range that affects the sensitivity of our eyes. The lecture explores the importance of light to various areas of life, from life processes, to the visual arts, through to scientific research. In addition, we can learn about the way light transpires, the characteristics it displays, and the ways in which electromagnetic radiation helps reveal the secrets of our universe. Light also plays a vital part in mankind's penchant for miniaturization. The discovery of a new type of light - surface plasmons - opened new horizons where the wavelength of light no longer delimits the resolution capacity of the optical system. This allows for the production of optical units and chips that would compare favourably to the electronic ones currently in use, and may well initiate a fundamental paradigm shift in information technology, among other things. The lecture describes this new type of light; then, in closing, it explores the ways in which we can use light in the production of computers that are based on the use of atomic components. 

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Natural sciences, Physics, Photovoltaics

tudósok előadásai

Dr. Norbert Kroó (lecturer)


6 June, 2005

Marianna Nagy

14 May, 2014

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