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…nyiss nekem tért? Tér és térbeliség az épített és a társadalmi világban


…nyiss nekem tért? Tér és térbeliség az épített és a társadalmi világban

Our lives proceed in a great variety of spaces. The spaces of a city determine our everyday lives without us being aware of this. The notion and definition of the word space have changed during the past one hundred years. According to scientists, today we live in the world of “space-revolution”. Space is not an architectural problem anymore, rather a more complex issue linking sociology, psychology, urbanism, geography and the arts. An obvious example of this controversy is the space of a city, which is changing heavily due to globalism, and technical developments. All in all, how many interpretations of the word space are available?

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Mindentudás Egyeteme

Social sciences, Architecture, Design, Building design, Environmental design, Urban design, Engineering

tudósok előadásai

Ákos Moravánszky (lecturer)


18 February, 2011

Erika Bilicsi

19 August, 2014

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